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Biscotti (pronounced bee-SKAWT-tee) are popular Italian cookies that have been baked twice—first as a “log” and then a second time sliced—until they are nice and crunchy. Create these coffee shop mainstays as a treat any time or as a welcome made-by-you food gift.

Take your choice of flavors, make from Betty Crocker® cookie mix or from Gold Medal® flour, embellish

with chocolate or not—just try a recipe or two with our helpful tips that will make your baking a success!
How to Bake Better Biscotti
  • Mix dough by hand. It’ll be a little firmer than biscuit dough. And just like biscuit dough, it can be kneaded lightly to mix thoroughly.
  • Use a long metal spatula to shape the dough for baking biscotti—straight sides with a smooth flat top give even baking results.
  • Use your longest serrated knife when slicing the baked “log.”
  • If recipe contains dried fruit, wipe the knife with damp paper towel every third or fourth slice to prevent the knife from sticking and the slices from crumbling.
  • Give slices elbow room for the “twice-baked” step so they crisp evenly. Turn the slices halfway through this second bake to enhance crispness.
  • Biscotti cookies are lightly browned and dry to the touch when done. They’ll crisp more while cooling.
How to Store Biscotti
  • Unless directed in recipe, store biscotti in an airtight container or sealed freezer bag.
  • If spread or drizzled with chocolate, store biscotti layered between sheets of waxed or parchment paper.
  • If making ahead to freeze, wait to glaze or drizzle; otherwise, the chocolate may dull.
Ways To Enjoy Biscotti
  • Keep plenty on hand. Biscotti keep well and make tasty treats.
  • Package some up with a mug or latte cup, coffee beans or cocoa mix to give away.
  • Deliver some when you stop by to visit a neighbor.
  • Sip a late harvest wine or cup of rich dark coffee while sitting in your most comfy chair. Oh yes, dunk in a few of your very own biscotti!
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